ArtWorks™ Legal Incubator | About Us
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About Us

Welcome to  ArtWorks.™

The next chapter on the legal frontier!

I am honored to be chosen to develop such an innovative program. Today, more than ever, we need a strong legal army to PROTECT intellectual property rights and SERVE creative businesses. 

When I graduated from law school, I confidently launched my career, hitting potholes, scratching my knees, banging my shins along the way. There was a steep learning curve that I now know could have been totally eliminated.

Like every new attorney, I faced hidden barriers that most people couldn’t understand. To them, I was “a lawyer” and they had no idea the questions that could keep a legal newbie up at night!

·        Graduation angst (What are you doing after law school?)

·        Sleepless nights (What if a Client asks a question I can’t answer?)

·        Work-life balance (When will I break even?)

·        The list goes on…

In developing this program, I went back and pulled together the answers to all of those questions and more. I applied decades as a business advisor to creative individuals and businesses and combined that with the years spent as a commercial litigator, general counsel, and principal of my own firm.

Next, we tested the formula by running an extensive pilot program (Shout out to all of the  ArtWorks.™ Alums and Externs) and this is how we create the secret sauce!

What took many years to develop is now neatly packaged in a step-by-step program to reduce the learning curve to mere months.








ArtWorks.™ has all of that and more, guaranteed to ensure a smooth path to success.

I am honored by the faith the Board of Directors had in me to take on the task, as Founder.  I am deeply touched by the diligence of our development team. I pledge to continue soothing the path to success.

This is my personal invitation to all those ambitious, courageous lawyers ready to help write the next chapter in legal history.

You can do it!

Together, WE can do it